Wifi Networks

Your entertainment, work, and security depend on the power of your home network. We'll build a network that's reliable, fast and secure.
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The Foundation

Designed to meet the demands of today's homes. Mesh Wifi technology takes your network to the next level.

Gone are the days of placing a router in some remote location of the home and crossing your fingers that the Wifi reaches the kitchen.

Keep up with what's going on with your network directly from the app on your mobile device. You can pause or block individual devices from the network. (maybe around homework time) and turn them back on with the tap of a button.

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Happy Wifi. Happy Life

You want a network that can grow and get better over time. That's exactly what our networks do. With regular updates, your network will get better over time.

Think of a Mesh Wifi network as a spider web or maybe links in a chain. One unit links to the next, to the next. The more units you have placed around your home, the better the Wifi.

The end result is better speeds, no dead spots, and wall to wall Wifi.

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Inside. Outside.

No matter where you're at... in the kitchen, the bedroom or on the deck, we'll make sure your WiFi network is ready when you are.

We'll make sure that your network is fast and secure enough to protect your data and devices on it.

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